Life Journey: A pain in the neck!

Well this week is coming to a close. I have very few happy path words for what has happen this week. I am happy that I survived it and looking forward for what may come. I started this week off preparing for a procedure to help with bulging disc in my neck. The epidural injections, I was told this would be something that I would be sedated no knowing, twilight not out like a light. The one of the most agonizing feelings, that I can say that I have felt. That’s a lot from some one who has had a tumor removed from breast while awoke, piercings, amniocentesis.. I could go on but you can get the point. “I ain’t no punk”. Well, I made it through the hour procedure but the medications that they used kept me off my feet for nearly two whole days. I made it back to work on Friday, with not much pain. The one thing the doctor told me and it is true, “it’s gonna get worse, before it gets better” ever single word of that statement has been true.

I chose to go this route, because I don’t want to be cut on or have back surgery on my neck. I am reluctant to have to deal with such a huge ordeal, right now in my life. I would also like not to be in pain for the majority of the time. This treatment can take up to 3 months to see if it will work. The first 4 days have been awful, I am waiting it out to see the end result.

Enough of me on my life journey, Friday my awesome son was in the newspaper for an article about him changing schools and being a freshmen Varsity player with a scholarship. This article was a big deal for him and we are proud of him for all his efforts. Friday night is also “Friday night lights” good ol football game. The game was a good game even though they lost 28-31.

This was his first official high school game and we are 2 very proud parents.

This weekend makes starting the 30 day countdown of our oldest son, leaving for the United States Marine Corp. bittersweet moment that I am holding myself from tears. I know as each day will be more sensitive to me. I know that my son will be leaving to become a man. He has a life decision with joining the military and has a heart driven for success.

In other family news, school has started and the first week is over. The bad nerves for me and the excitement for them. I have been a bundle of nerves. Shopping for additional items needed for school, signing documents from teachers daily. Mapping out the school calendar with mine, so that a day will not go unnoted. This sure has been one heck of a week.

In the end, realizing what didn’t kill me made me stronger. The mistakes I made for yesterday, have taught me a lesson for tomorrow.

I am ready for this week to close and starting a new. Let’s try it again .. shoot for perfection, even if i don’t make it.. I know I tried.

Take care,






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