Daily Prompts: What seemed to be

When was the last time you felt truly rejuvenated and energized? What made you feel that way?

I would like to think my most feeling of being rejuvenated was the last time that I was on vacation. I would be happy to reminisce. Somethings just don’t happen the way the storybook goes. i remember last October, a visit to my mother-n-laws home… could only compare to being rejuvenated and energized.

My mother-n-love provided a place to lay your head, nice hot cooked food and awesome talks. I remember waking up with the rooster’s morning’s call. In a small town in East Texas where everyone knows everyone. I loved the conversations that she had to offer. The guidance she gave to me as a wife, mother and friend. This last trip to her home was one that was transcending. We were moving out of Texas and her home was the last stop and stay before we headed to Virginia.

There were hugs given, tears flowing and just a feeling of not wanting to leave. When we pulled off after saying our goodbyes. There was the ease of it all to be well. Waves and smiles… as we drove off. This was the most rest that we had in a long while, which was only two days, but it seemed like week.

This was the rejuvenation for me. In June of this year we visited her home again. Only to walk in her home and she was no longer there. The peace that I felt in a spiritual realm, only made me feel that It was well once again. My mother-n-love was no longer here. She passed away, after being in a  coma since December 2014.She visited me in a dream. She stated that she felt good and everything was fine. When I woke up from this dream, I knew in my heart what this meant.

When I walked around her home her spirit was present all over the home. My second mom, my friend  was gone. What I had once knew to be a place of respite, had become a hollow spot in my heart.

Young and Rested, this wasn’t for me. My mother-n-love spent her entire life caring for others. When the good Lord said, Well done good and faithful servant well done. She had finally had a chance to be Young and Rested.









The Young and the Rested


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompts: What seemed to be

  1. Beautiful post, I love a good conversation it’s hard to get these days. My grandma was that way and she has came to me in a few dreams as well. I’m sorry for your loss but glad you had the relationship you did with her.

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