Life Journey: Reaction to the first blog

Well it is the closing of the day and I have entered the commitment of documenting my life through blogging. I gave my family a chance to read the blog from yesterday. Wow, the expression of seeing how they reacted could only be held with a camera. I was warranted to confirm that while my husband can’t partake in life doing what he loved to do which is cooking. He strongly suggested that I shared what issues he had and why he isn’t working in his field and fulfilling his passion.

The story of my husband is one of a huge nightmare, to someone who previously played football, gymnastics and track. He woke up morning preparing for work and one simple cough seemed to trigger the onset of it all. While brushing his teeth he felt a sharp pain in his back. This back pain continued to grow and become more severe with everyday that he woke. We visited hospitals emergency rooms and doctors, until his primary physician stated let’s get an MRI. Well, it was a Friday evening when he went to have images of something that changed his life. The doctor reached my husband while at work that Monday morning and told him to leave work and let his manager know that he didn’t know when he would return.

This was our first knowledge of my husband had several herniated disk that severed his sciatic nerve and left him paralyzed in his right leg. The nerve was only held on by a thread, which needed a graft place on it to hold it together. During this surgery he had two disk that that nearly removed completely to resolve the problem. While this was one issue, the second issue related to his back, which he was diagnosed with Spondylosis of the spine, including two cracks in his spine.

Although this first surgery saved his ability to walk, he began having moments of syncope. This fainting spells happen for a whole year of passing out without any notice. He fainted on the job, grocery shopping, and restaurants. Neurologist ran several test attempting to figure out the issue. My husband by this time had been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and a weak heart muscle. This was a stressful year, after a follow-up from the surgery and a second MRI, realized that he had a spinal fluid leak and yet another disk needed to be removed. This required a second surgery, that required the fluid to be drained from his spine.

This second surgery changed his pain tolerance, with the spondylosis still being an active concern, my husband is dealing with a failing kidney and the ups and downs with his diabetes. This has been a very upsetting ordeal in his life. He has struggled to deal with the occurrences that requires him to feel that he is doing what he can to keep our family stay safe, sheltered and  just being an awesome father.

I tell him all the time don’t beat yourself up. We are often thrown curveballs in our life and we may never know “why” we just have to deal with them as they come. I love this man, with all my heart. I am here to hold his hand daily as we continue  this thing called life.

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