Day One Of the Journey Starts Here!

Day One of my life journey begins here.

I have seeked traveling through days searching for significant challenges of being a mother of four children, 19,17,16 and 14. I have been a wife for about 16 years and this has been a great ordeal. I choose today as the day, to journey my life and soak in the future of my life. My idea would be to document and share my life with everyone that would be interesting. Thinking daily of what I would write about everyday. Even as I sit here now, I am fending off the pesky picking of a husband that likes to press random buttons on my laptop. Go figure .. this will be a daily challenges of what I call my life.

Throughout my future blogs will be random spotlights of me being my mother. Of a teenager that will randomly attempt to show you a disgusting video where the bird craps on an ice cream cone and the person didn’t see it .. but the cameraman did and failed to tell the eater of the ice cream. Yes, I have a family full of characters and I love each and everyone of them.

We currently reside in the Richmond area, relocated here nearly a year ago due to my employer relocation of my job from Houston, Texas. I am a native of Flint, MI born and raised there until the age of 30 when we decided it was time to move our family to began a new life. Now we are here in Virginia and realize it is one to reckon with, it is not a big city and it is not small town.

Let me give some future ideas of my family, well I have a soon to be 20 year old leaving for the Marines on October 13 and I have grimaced at the shear thought of my eldest son taking off with his life and give it to serve his country. I am one proud mother and I can’t be too upset with his decision. I have a 17 year old daughter that is entering in her freshmen year at college. She is a worker, has had 3 jobs since she was 16 years old. She is staying home and going to college. I love having my daughter around and glad she decided to stay at home and go to college. My third child is something like a phenomenon, he is a freshman and has already received his first offer to a division 1 college. He is a varsity football player and has a bright future ahead of him. Our youngest daughter is our walking “Rockstar” and miracle at the same time. She is special needs and has had over 30 surgical procedures to only be 14 years old. This doesn’t stop my child, she never stops and never quits.

Finally, the love of my life. I have been married for 16 years to a wonderful husband, we have seen the major downs of our life and the highest points of our marriage. I can truly say if you let go of something and come backs you are truly are where and who you need to be. My husband has a passion of cooking, he attended culinary arts school and worked in many mainstream kitchens. Due to some life set backs he has not been able to partake in this life. Our daily life consist of working through those challenges and making the best out of our life.

Well, now you have read about my life. I look forward to blogging my future and sharing my real-life reality, sometimes it feels like a movie, than a television show, later to a soap-opera only now, it has turned into a written documentary of what will be!

Take Care,


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