Why Fly?

Flying  for the first time ? Yes, indeed there are people in this world who have never flown on airplane. I wonder how is this possible, flying is the fastest and easiest way to travel this days. No wear and tear of your vehicle, no route planning, no bathroom stops and moving around vast a high pace world. With all the common car, train and bus accidents. Which you are less likely to be in one before, you are involved in a plane crash. Besides, the down turn of stupid people with immunities for their no-brain actions, it’s the coolest thing next to Star Trek and  “Beam me up Scottie”. I have taken the liberty to share my quick steps to flying and making one’s first trip very nice experience. The airlines will not share some of these tips for you, because it would sure take away from their profitability. Here’s to all of the plane virgins out there. Who have decided to plan or take their first flight on the big bus with wings in the sky.

Top Ten tips for the more common type of people, some you may have heard some you might not have.

10. Packing your luggage, you have just paid X amount of dollars for your plane ticket. Who wants to fork over another  $25-60 dollars in luggage fees. If you are going on vacation, and the need to pack multiple outfits. The best way to pack your luggage is to roll your clothes individually, this will change the density in your luggage and space-saving. Minimize the amount of shoes, you carry. Travel size everything, shampoos, tooth paste etc.

9. Dressing for the airport, yes it matters. Wear slip on shoes, belts if you can go without do so. Make sure you a good pair of socks, or don’t wear any at all. If you can avoid a jacket or coat do so, more clothes you have to remove when you are at the gate. Hair styles avoid hair pins, metal clips. Large metal earrings, leave them in your suit case. Ideally comfortable slacks, pants, dresses make for easy wear for airplane travel.

8. Carry chewing gum, it helps with the ear popping from the cabin pressure, grab a good book, that you have been dying to read or three or four magazines you need to catch up your reading on. Laptops, are nice and an added perk, but again this are more things you have to carry. Mp3 players and headphones.

8. Check you seat assignments on the internet. Key tips if you are taller, when in coach see if the first row is available. You may have knee problems, and can’t have your legs bent for long periods of time. The first row is the largest area available. You can also pick an exit row, which is larger, but be prepared in case of emergency, you will be responsible for helping your neighbors. Keep in mind, the lower number seats enter the plan first, after business, and frequent flyers.

6. Checking your flight status,  traffic, rain and thunderstorms can slow down your trip to the airport and the plane itself.

5. Charge all electronic devices, and remember to place the chargers in your carry on bag. Who needs a dead cell phone or Mp3 player. There are charging stations in the airport, but its cheaper to bring yours and sit by an outlet and charge your devices while you wait for your plane.

4. Grab an empty water bottle yes, empty. Due to our U.S. homeland security you can’t take anything over 3 oz of liquid through the gate. So, here is one of my favorite tips, that will save you at least $2.75 the cost of a bottle of water out of an airport vending machine. Fill the bottle up at the nearest water fountain, feeling wierd don’t be, you will not be the only one.

3. If feasible, eat before you leave. Stay away from greasy foods, also take caution with salads, and good old roughage need I say more. Airplane bathrooms are no bigger than your coat closet,if that big. Besides, airport restaurants are not inexpensive, even some of the larger food chains, don’t carry the dollar menu in the airport.

3. Leaving for the airport, will you leave your car in weekly rate lot. Use the Airports shuttle instead of paying for the parking, its more dependable than a friend who, will not wake up early enough for your 5:45 am flight. Airport shuttles are pretty cheap compared to what you will pay for gas in someone else’s car or parking.

3. So you have made it through the gate. You have put all your clothes back on shoes and hats and what ever. Find your gate first, once you have determined where you will depart, take your final trips to the restroom. Take your seat near the gate desk, so that if any changes are made you will be around to hear them.

2. Loading the plane, if you have a window seat you are good once you have placed your carry-on in the overhead. Aisle seats be prepared to get up if you have empty seats in your row. So, don’t buckle your seat belt and get comfortable, until they close the plane door. Make sure you have your magazines, books and your leisure materials in hand, not above in the overhead. It’s a bother to get up, and majority baggage’s shift while the plane is in flight. Why take the risk of hurting your self.

1. Most importantly, once you are in are ready for take off. Take a deep breath and pray that you are next to some annoying person that wants to talk the whole flight. So if you have head phones, place them in your ear, even though nothings playing, it will guard off, the person that wants to give you their whole life story. You have made it, if you can stand it take a look out the window its beautiful up in the air! Next thing you know you will have made it to your final destination.


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