Thirty…is not the not the new Twenty!

Thirty is not the new Twenty…. I agree…I agree….I agree..
1.Have you ever just tried to sit and remember why you entered a room, and then have to go back to the room you were in and retrack your steps to remember what you came into that room for?
2. Have you took off driving down the road and then think did I stop for that stop sign?
3. Here’s one, have you ever left your cell phone in the car, home or where ever and can’t remember any phone numbers, but your own?
4. Here try to remember five classmates from your kindergarten class?
5. What is the first President that you remember in being in office? Before the Bush Sr?
6. How many passwords do you have for all the websites you have access to? Are they all the same?
7. You ever been like “I know you from somewhere, but dang I just can’t remember where?
8. If you are a parent, with more than one child can you give their ages without saying all of them? (personal joke) i.e. 5,7,9 etc
9. What was you elementary school principal’s name?
10. Are there so many candles on your b-day cake, that it would be a fire hazard?

Well, it might just be me getting older and I cant keep up, or maybe others are feeling the same sometime. Don’t get me wrong I am happy to be alive and thank God….That I have made it this far….just rolling on my next birthday soon….I am discovering ….wow I found myself telling my teenage son…the Nortorious Biggie Story (and why he couldn’t go see it with his friends, no adults) ….that I lived through it….and if that didnt make me feel old I dont know what did?

Hey….you know you feel old ….when Salt N Peppa “Push it’ was the jam back in the day…and you know all the lyrics to “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix Alot…

Well here’s to no Social Security benefits…Lucrutive investments into the 401K…and college funds for the children (that will never be enough)

To all my family and friends in the 30 and up club, here’s to you!!!! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!! and take Ginkoba (it keeps your memory up)

Uh….what was I saying?


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