Is it truely better to give than to receive?

What is wrong with letting your friends do things for you or accepting gifts from them. I do think I am just that wonderful of a person and if I have been such a nice friend to you, and you want to treat me to something special …well go ahead make my day.

This  is referenced to be tricking. Seriously, who is the trick and who is getting pimped? Am I supposed to be offended? Tricking in a laymen terms of prostitution. I am by any means, say people shouldn’t do this. This topic goes across the board for many men and women who are not in a committed relationship, they take away all that is available to them from their acquaintances and what have you. Money, knowledge, chacteristics or whatever is on the table, that is up for grasp. 

I have always said, “I don’t turn down anything but my shirt collar!” Everything has a cost, told or untold. We derive that there are people out there in the world, who are just honest to goodness, downright nice people. Then you have to discern their true intent of being nice to you. Why do we care, if someone wants to be nice.

In accepting gifts, we as humans don’t realize the intent in the package. What are we offering up for this gift. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t place yourself in a never-ending gift. These are hard ties to break and we don’t realize the message that we are sending to the giver.

In the back of your mind, you will always think, I have to help this person because they help me. Not True, friends come for certain periods of our lives. We don’t know how long, but they were set into place for specific reason. We do not control how long they will be our friends, when their time is up as being our friend, than there is nothing we can do about it.

“It aint tricking, If you got”
When TI (rapper) used this phrase….it is a given that he was trying to say its okay to make a female happy with buying her things.

Someone explain that line to me….What does it mean? I am confused, because I have had someone say that to me on more than once. To my understanding if someone spends their money on you, more power to them, if that is what they choose to do.

….Lil Wayne, he exploits the fact that he is paid…and ready to spend stacks of money on his chicks….
“You can have what ever you like”

Your thoughts maybe ….if you got it like that….make’em spend the money….in old cliches…don’t hate…innovate…Get your weight up…!!!

My thoughts of gifting with a price tag tricking or how ever you would like label this  is a mind-set and you have to allow someone to trick you or pimp you it is all mind control. Set your standards and stick to them. Men or women can be the gift giver or the receiver, no matter how large or small, there can be expectations that will never be discussed.

Understand your role, play your part in this great culture that we live in, give without expecting and receive with understanding.


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