Eighteen Years! All you have is one shot!

Children, you have one opportunity in life to raise your children, you have one chance to helping them to become great human beings. My mother always reminds me of  the poem, that stated children learn what they live. Well, it has always been true and will remain the truth. There are so many deceptive beings in the world today, no matter how hard you try to shelter your children, there will be some form of connection to your child. I have had numerous conversations with other parents that try so hard to keep, their children in a box, but no matter how big of a shelter you provide, truth is, children will see and hear almost everything.

Now you can choose to home-school your child and how about taking all the televisions out of the house. That might work also, no matter to the means, there’s no escaping the outside enviroment. We as parents have to lead by example, children mimics all of actions, they absorb our personalities and charcteristic traits.

Choosing our steps wisely as parents can determine an inner being of our children for their future. If you use foul language all the time, they will use foul language all the time, if you keep a dirty house their future houses could be just as filthy. When you become a parent, it’s not included in the birth certificate, it isn’ t in the baptismal papers. There is not one manual that will cover everything that you will go through with your child. It is impossible to cover everything, it is impossible to forsee the future.

Than, what should we do? Well, it’s a sure thought it is your responsibility to provide your child with every tool possible to equip them for the real world. We have to do our part as parents, no matter the race, the demographics or religion you are. Let the kids know the importance of chores now, because it will be  way of life later. Let them know now, nothing is for free, they will work and strive for everything they have. Let them know we are not in control or the world, we can only control ourselves.

I can only touch a niche of what there is in life to be taught. We only have one time to get it right with each of  our children. Give them the best eighteen years of their life as possible.


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